Risen from the dead

07032009002-2Bromeliad in bloom in my garden

You have just recovered from days of pain and discomfort.  You’ve risen from the dead.  What did you leave behind?  What have you brought back?

I left my hurts behind, my frustrations and feelings of victimization.  I left my regrets and my guilts behind.  I left my helplessness and despair behind.  I have left an aching body and watering eyes behind.

I have brought back a stronger body, hope, fresh eyes, tenderness, new visions, joyful dreams, more faith, a willingness to say “I don’t know.  It’s confusing.  I sense injustice”, and to leave it at that.

And in doing that, perhaps I am a little more able to ‘accept the world’ and thus ’embrace the Way’.  Perhaps.

10. Harmony

Embracing the Way, you become embraced

Breathing gently, you become newborn

Clearing your mind, you become clear

Nurturing your children, you become impartial

Opening your heart, you become accepted

Accepting the world, you embrace the Way

Bearing and nurturing

Creating but not owning

Giving without demanding

This is harmony.

Translation variously sourced and compiled at www.chinapage.com

Perhaps I’ll be better at ‘giving without demanding’ for what would I demand?  Am I wise enough to know what to demand?  But oh, I do yearn for harmony.

Lucy Lopez

Learning to live the wisdom of the Tao post by post!