Clear your I have to?

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‘Clearing your mind, you become clear’.

The mind is the powerhouse of our being.  It brings the physical world into being.  Everything without exception is the result of the mind at work. Only a very small amount of this work is done consciously.  The majority of it is done with little awareness i.e. unconsciously or subconsciously.  The Buddha observed

With our thoughts we create the world.

So it makes sense to keep the mind clear.  When the mind is clear, I am clear.  And I see a clearer world.  I see less of what troubles me and more of what sustains me.

Isn’t this denial?  Bad things and bad people exist.

Has it ever occurred to you that without your mind, you would not see ‘bad things’ or ‘bad people’?  Your mind is the common factor.

But Hitler did exist.  Mugabe is bad.  People do kill and rape and embezzle and lie.

Right.  And how does holding all this in your mind help you live more peacefully, more joyfully, more trustingly, more lovingly.

It doesn’t.

So, then, clear your mind of all that does not serve its well being and you will become clear.

Lucy Lopez

Learning to live the wisdom of the Tao post by post!