I’ve often visited the Tao Te Ching , seduced as I have been by its rather minimalist, poetic structure, its permissive Way and its startlingly unconventional wisdom.  In fact, years ago as a young 20-something, I remember writing on a piece of paper, something that looked like a formula about the different states of consciousness.  It was by the sage, Lao Tze, commonly regarded as the founder of Taoism.  Even back then, I easily connected with its truth if only in a vague sort of way.

Just a couple of months ago, that piece of paper turned up in amongst some stuff I was resurrecting from storage.  I was quite excited and could barely believe my good fortune.  It reminded me of how I had never let my interest in seeking the deeper/truer meaning in life stray very far 🙂

Recently, I heard Wayne Dyer talk about his latest book which is a reflection on the Tao Te Ching.  Even though I wasn’t much of a WD fan when I was younger and am not particularly fond of his earlier books, I have found his work in the last 10 or so years spiritually rich and respectful of the truths that transcend the realm of the personality.  This I have found useful.

I mention WD here because, after listening to his talk, I felt really motivated to revisit the Tao Te Ching.  I did not feel my engagement with it could be appropriately articulated in any of my existing blogs and certainly not my main one which today has remained dead.  (I must have somehow corrupted or deleted parts of the WordPress files in my server, the consequence of which is that the blog is just nowt showing up!  I am still waiting for Andrew from my hosting service to get back to me.  He is usually ultra prompt but not today).

All of this is by way of saying that it appears a door of opportunity opened and I decided to walk through it by creating this blog.  I’ve decided to  engage with the Tao Te Ching in a light and casual way and if you read my posts, I hope you will enjoy their style and tone.  Also, most of  the images you see are photographs I’ve taken, often edited with Picasa by Google.  So, that’s what this blog is about.  If you’d like to know what I’m about, click here.

In the meantime, do drop us a line.  Leave a comment.  Expound on a truth or mistruth. Raise a question.  In short, leave a sign of your Presence here 🙂

Slip sliding the Tao, Lucy


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