Becoming newborn


Image from Google images

‘Breathing gently, you become newborn’

Ah, I see.  A newborn does breathe gently, almost imperceptibly.  Does that mean that if I breathe harshly, furiously, I do not become newborn?  Why not?

Every state is created by a unique set of conditions.  The state of ‘newborn’ must also have its unique set of conditions, one of which is gentle breathing.  So I breathe gently for I wish to become newborn.  And I notice that as I breathe gently, my cares and concerns dissipate.  My preoccupations melt like the wax of a burning candle.  I am stripped of all burdens, free of thinking!

I rest in a consciousness of awareness, noticing things around me, within me but not reacting to any of it.  Even when I breathe deeply, I am breathing gently.  My mind ceases to judge, content to remain aware without getting involved.  The world is perfect as it is.

I like breathing gently.  I like becoming newborn.  Have you ever tried it?

Lucy Lopez

Learning to live the wisdom of the Tao post by post!


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